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About me

Prateek Mahesh is a freelance film colorist specializing in color grading for commercials, music videos, feature films, and web series worldwide. With a passion for aiding visual storytelling through color grading, Prateek strives is to bring out the desired mood and emotions in each scene. Prateek's state-of-the-art color grading studio is equipped with the latest technology and is the first HDR Dolby Vision studio in Bangalore, India.

In addition to his impressive studio, Prateek offers a range of other color grading services to his clients. He provides look/show LUT development for cinematographers, allowing them to monitor their work on set. Not only does Prateek offer in-person color grading sessions in his studio, but he also provides remote grading sessions to facilitate collaboration with clients worldwide.

Prateek is a Dolby Vision certified professional and Blackmagic Design certified end-user for DaVinci Resolve. He is well-versed in a variety of color management solutions, such as ACES, Resolve color management, IPP2, and DaVinci Wide Gamut. His knowledge of CDL workflow, on-set color grading, HDR grading and creative color science makes him a valuable asset to any film or video production.

With a dedication to delivering the highest quality work possible to his clients, Prateek is committed to enhancing visual storytelling through his color grading expertise. Contact him for your next project and let him bring your vision to life.

Studio: Mac studio computer, Eizo CG 3146 HDR monitor, 65 inch client monitoring OLED TV, DaVinci Resolve panel, RAID storage, NAS server, D65 bias lighting, 18% grey Munsell N7 walls and more

Certifications: Dolby Vision Certified Professional, Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve Certified User

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